Saturday, 2 January 2016

Merry KittyMas!

hello! how are you all doing? 

i hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!?

i thought id show you guys some of the awesome Hello Kitty goodies i got for Christmas this year off my family and friends [well last year, technically, woah!] as ive properly turned into a bit of a collector over this past year. ive always LOVED hello kitty, but ive taken collecting a lot more seriously this past year, after being a bit inspired by a youtuber called Dollastic and her amazing toy collections!] 

im always looking for frames, figures, tins, money boxes etc to go on my 'hello kitty' shelves, and of course new plushies/beanies and anything else are always welcome too!

of course this isnt 'bragging', but i always like to see peoples presents and collections, so here goes...

 my bestie made me a super sweet little hello kitty hamper, featuring this cute little Christmas beanie, among other things. here she is among all my other plushies and beanies!
 in the hamper there was also this mug, Pez dispenser and cute pencil, plus a few other bits! <3
 my brother and sister in law got me this 'make your own beanie' kit, which i might not actually use, but it does look great on my shelf! [the mini gumball machine i got off my 'rents]
 and would yah look at this cute pink hat, pleez? AWESOME.
 theres a story behind this 'party garland'. my mam went to get it for me in store as id seen it online randomly in Lakeland, but they didnt have any in stock online, so she went to have a look but they didnt have any, so she asked about it in the shop and the kind lady said that cos the shop wasnt local to us and we dont drive, that she would order one in and post it to us, which she did, and that was lovely! i havent put it up yet, i might hang it from my shelves though, ey?
see that little hello kitty face on top of the box there? its a mood light. OOH.
 id seen this sweet little 'rose gold' coloured pendant in the Avon book a few months ago, but my mam sneakily told her friend to order it for her so i didnt see it, sneaky sneaky!
 i also got myself [outa my Christmas money off mam and dad] this CUTE little money box/coin bank and look how good it looks on my shelf!?
 here is my shelf, well shelf and a half as my collection continues to grow. of course this doesnt include some of the other hello kitty things in my collection, like plushies/beanies, bags and cushions and a MASSIVE plush. 

what do u think!? i think you can only understand if youre a collector of something or have always wanted to be. im loving my collection so far and will continue to expand and buy more kitty goodies... 

MY TIP: start off with a few bits and buy things that catch your eye! also, sale items are always good!
"ich liebe hello kitty"

Saturday, 13 June 2015

'PrinCeSs' Mixed Media Art Frame...

♥ ♥ ♥

heres another of my Mixed Media pieces id like to share with you, showing some photos of the stages and process of making the piece...

here goes...

i started off with a pink plastic ornate frame, which was the inspiration to make a 'pink princess' piece! i removed the glass [as it was going to be very dimensional and 3D, so i knew i wouldnt need it] and stuck some letters, a metal butterfly, some teeny fabric flowers and a plastic key with a plastic butterfly on it straight to the front of the wooden back of the frame and covered with a few layers of gesso...
then i started the process of adding numerous layers of paints and sprays:
i added some pink glittery nail varnish to some of the elements.
then, i added some gold leaf in two corners, and painted over the middle 'princess' section to make it stand out a bit more. i also added a paper 'happy' banner [as i didnt like those white 'swirl' things] and some pink gems. i then attached two sweet little white metal butterflies, one of which can be removed, as its stuck to a magnet. 
then, i added some white gesso to the middle section, as it looked too dark when i put it in the frame. . 
AAAAND, here it is, all framed up and looking pretty, do u see that AWESOME gold crown!? i added it to hide the bottom 'swirl' and i gold leaf-ed it myself, eeee! <3
i hope you all LOVE this piece as much as i do, and if you do, good news, its FOR SALE! message/comment me for prices and shipping/postage info if you are interested in this piece for yourself or your little Princess!

"ich liebe das Royalty"
♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 5 June 2015

♥New Release: the 'Harvest Moon' S/S Collection by Shop Dixi♥

ok, so if you havent heard of Shop Dixi, WHERE have you been!??

they do the most amazing, boho, hippie, festival, celestial, witchy, dreamy, shiny jewellery, with many pieces featuring gemstones made with sterling silver. and they are just lovely.

they sent out a tweet a few months ago asking if any bloggers would like to do a blog post about the new release, which is called 'Harvest Moon' and the Spring/Summer release. the date is THIS SUNDAY, the 7th June! 

here are some of the AMAZING promo shots they sent me to use, featuring some pieces from the new Harvest Moon collection!

here are some close up pics of some of the pieces from the collection along with their prices!
[this is the stunning 'Cryptic Skies Necklace' in African Turquoise Gold, and its £28, LOVELY]

[here is the 'Moon Goddess Labradorite Choker, priced at £42,just WOW]
[this is the very sweet 'Home Sweet Ocean' Necklace, which is £16, i just LOVE the font on this and the rose gold tone]
[here is the 'Hunter Moon Labradorite Necklace, which is £34, LOOK at that stone, them colours, OOH]
this is the very pretty 'Lotus Blue Topaz' ring, which is only £28, YEP]

♥ ♥ ♥dont you just LOVE the new collection!?? ♥ ♥ ♥

hop onto the Shop Dixi website on the 7th, thats THIS SUNDAY, to grab some goodies from the new collection, you wont want to miss out!

"ich liebe das Harvest Moon"

Friday, 15 May 2015

oh, Cameo...

hello all, how are you?

i have lots of little 'collections' of things, and i thought id show you my collection of Cameo jewellery [and a few pretty framed pieces too]

here are the cameo pieces [along with some of my other more 'dainty' pendants] that are on my wall...
this one is one of my faves, its from Accessorize, and i love it...
i got this cameo necklace from ebay, and this pretty brooch is from a car boot sale...
i cant remember where this necklace is from, but i do love this one too!
here is a selection of some of my cameo rings, ive got two 'traditional' cameo silhouettes, one skull and crossbones and a pretty flower ring. pretty.

and some earrings... one pair is vintage and one isnt. can you guess which is which!? LOL.
i dont know if these old-looking frames are classed as 'cameos', but i think they kind of are, so... 
i hope you like my little collection of Cameos. do you like Cameo jewellery/homewares/frames!? do you have any!?

"ich liebe das Cameo"