Monday, 20 December 2010



well i just thought id show u my newest jewellery creation. made and photographed just yesterday.

i made it using a christmas cracker toy that my brother gave me, fresh from his early 'christmas day' he and his girlfriend have every year. i knew id like to make earrings with it, so i did. and heres what i made...

"putYOURhandsON" earrings...

ok there they are, i really like them. i think theyve got a sort of carnival or circus look about them. like big clowns hands or something.

you can get them in my shop for just £6 with FREE uk delivery and FREE gifts!!!

liebe x

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

kawaii cuTeness...

heyy people.

i just had to share with you these super sweet kawaii necklaces from luster studio.

theres only one of each design/colour available so theyre pretty unique. i just love them.

my faves are the skulls and cupcakes ones. but theyre all pretty cute. I WANT ONE!

you can follow them on twitter @lusterstudio

go kawaii go!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"aye aye Captain..."

well ive just [yesterday] made a new ring and its called "Captain" and was made using a non-adjustable gold coloured ring base and a vintage button with a sort of 'crest' on it...

its part of my 'Victoriana' collection, which is inspired by vintage, victoriana and 'buried treasure'

i do like it, hope you all will too!

its one of a kind and isnt in myspace yet, but its gona be on there soon!

here it is...

"liebe das vintage"