Thursday, 23 June 2011

junk in my trunk!?

noo, its 'junk trunk', silly.

i bought a tee from the lovely folk/s at junk trunk during the sale, and got it for £5, awesome.

heres the design, as it is on the website...

 you can find it here, at its normal price of £10. you snooze, you lose...

ive always liked the design of this tee, its so cute and bright, and i LOVES it.

heres me wearing it. joyus.

go shop at for some super cute and comfy stuff...

♥liebe das junk trunk♥

comics, comics, who wants comics...!?


here are some comics that id like to get rid of somehow...

the first one is a 'Viz' comic and is a special 'green' issue, printed on recycled paper and that. its been in a box with other comics and is therefore in really good condition, no noticable marks/stains/rips etc. its from 1990 i believe and ive seen it sell for around £6 but ill take, like, £4 including p&p if anyone wants it, or make me an offer. payment via paypal pleeeease :)

and heres a box full of '2000 AD' comics, which weighs 5kg! wow. posting it to anywhere in the uk would cost between £10-£12 which is a lot, but if youre local [north east england and the surronding areas,if you drive/can be driven] you can come and pick em up from my house or whatever! also, if youd like just one comic, ill pop one in the post for u, if youre very very nice to me :) [these comics are great for collaging bits and bobs, see my last post for images of some wooden storage boxes i covered with some of em]

finally, its this... 'the ballad of halo jones: book one' and its by that famous comic fella 'alan moore' [u can tell i know nothing about comics at all] the cover is a bit tatty but i believe the inside pages are perfect! make me an offer for it, go on!

thats it now, im all comic-ed out.

"liebe das komics"

Saturday, 18 June 2011



here are some images of a wooden box i have covered with old [90's i think] 'judge dredd' comics. i think it looks good. it belongs to a set of 3 stackable wooden boxes, the last 2 of which i will do 2moro, maybe. these pics are from when it was still a bit wet, and i have since applied a further coat of non-diluted pva glue. woo.

here goes. . .

thats it.

liebe das kraft.