Friday, 12 October 2012


here is a post about my NEW 'Rainbow' Business Cards from Moo and my NEW logo.
ok, so i ordered my Minicards from Moo [see THIS post:] and was SO happy with them, then recently i saw a tweet from @harrietgray saying there was an offer from @overheardatmoo and @paypal for FREE business cards, i jumped at the chance to create some business cards to match my Minicard tags.
I decided NOT to use stripes on the business cards, as i wanted to keep them more plain, but they are in a lovely array of colours, just like the Minicards! cute.
sorry about the photo quality, its from my phone
i am LOVING these 'Textomatic' cards once again, i think theyre brilliant! here is the back of each card:
look at the new "Rawrrr" necklace there!
so, i thought about my previous logo and thought id like to change it, firstly, i changed the background to stripes and it looked too dark, so i had the idea of having each letter a different colour, a bit like a rainbow. i think it looks really good! you can see the before and after logos below:
plain pink
and here is the new 'Rainbow' logo!
i might still swap around a few of the colours, but what do u think!?
"liebe das rainbow"