Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"i can be your daddy, be your rock and roller"


i thought i would share with you a post about a lovely necklace i bought very recently from 'scarlett hearts', who are based very locally in newastle :)

i had wanted one of these quirky necklaces for ages, and when i saw this one for only £4! i had to have it. [i also used a discount code, which i got from twitter, meaning it worked out cheaper] i usually wear silver but do have a few gold coloured bits and thought the gold looked more vintage, so i opted for that version.

heres the image as it is on the site...

and heres me wearing it... yey.

heres the link to the 'rock and roller' necklace in their bigcartel store...

and do also follow them on twitter... @scarlettheartsx

"liebe das rock and roll"


Thursday, 28 July 2011


...well, its hardly a boudoir, but i thought i would share some images of my room with you, after being inspired by a blog post by MessyCarla [here is the link to that very post...]

our house is, and has been getting 'modernised', meaning all the walls have to be repainted etc and all that jazz, so my room will look a bit diffrent soon. the time is now... my room in general was a bit childish, but i liked it that way and still do. but, im 26 now, so the walls at least can look a bit more 'grown up'. heh.

heres a lovely image of one of my walls. they will all probably be put right back up there in the same place/s once all the redecorating is done. that charming print is by 'gorjuss'.

heres my computer desk. that print is from Cute Creations.

this is my 'back wall' here, you can see some of my shelves filled with stuffs and the 'kerrang' cutouts behind [those BMTH stickers are there to cover some shoddily applied foam stickers etc. bah]

this is a corner of my room. i like it. hello kitty is there and above her is/was brody dalle aka mrs josh homme. awesome

thats all now. hope u liked my old room. i shall blog pics of the new and improved redecorated room in like, a month. meh

"liebe das zimmer"


Monday, 4 July 2011

giddy up...

yeeeee-haaaaw ya'll. hehe :)

heres a post about a FREE necklace i got from the lovely people at 'jamboree' via a giveaway on their blog.

its always nice to get free stuff isnt it. and i was pleasantly surprised to WIN the quirky horse necklace.

heres a pic of it, from the blog...

i eaglerly awaited its arrival, and when it finally came, i put it straight on! yeah. sorry about the amount of boobs in the shot, its meant to be showcasing the necklace! u can see a bit of my star tattoo in there aswell :)

you can check out the jamboree website at

and thier lovely blog here

do follow them on twitter, also @jamboreetweetie

"liebe das jamboree"


Thursday, 23 June 2011

junk in my trunk!?

noo, its 'junk trunk', silly.

i bought a tee from the lovely folk/s at junk trunk during the sale, and got it for £5, awesome.

heres the design, as it is on the website...

 you can find it here, at its normal price of £10. you snooze, you lose...

ive always liked the design of this tee, its so cute and bright, and i LOVES it.

heres me wearing it. joyus.

go shop at for some super cute and comfy stuff...

♥liebe das junk trunk♥

comics, comics, who wants comics...!?


here are some comics that id like to get rid of somehow...

the first one is a 'Viz' comic and is a special 'green' issue, printed on recycled paper and that. its been in a box with other comics and is therefore in really good condition, no noticable marks/stains/rips etc. its from 1990 i believe and ive seen it sell for around £6 but ill take, like, £4 including p&p if anyone wants it, or make me an offer. payment via paypal pleeeease :)

and heres a box full of '2000 AD' comics, which weighs 5kg! wow. posting it to anywhere in the uk would cost between £10-£12 which is a lot, but if youre local [north east england and the surronding areas,if you drive/can be driven] you can come and pick em up from my house or whatever! also, if youd like just one comic, ill pop one in the post for u, if youre very very nice to me :) [these comics are great for collaging bits and bobs, see my last post for images of some wooden storage boxes i covered with some of em]

finally, its this... 'the ballad of halo jones: book one' and its by that famous comic fella 'alan moore' [u can tell i know nothing about comics at all] the cover is a bit tatty but i believe the inside pages are perfect! make me an offer for it, go on!

thats it now, im all comic-ed out.

"liebe das komics"

Saturday, 18 June 2011



here are some images of a wooden box i have covered with old [90's i think] 'judge dredd' comics. i think it looks good. it belongs to a set of 3 stackable wooden boxes, the last 2 of which i will do 2moro, maybe. these pics are from when it was still a bit wet, and i have since applied a further coat of non-diluted pva glue. woo.

here goes. . .

thats it.

liebe das kraft.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

its all new...

well, hello. its been ages since ive blogged!

ive been making some NEW stuff, and i thought id share them with you...

heres a NEW ring i made, its called 'whiteSKULLY' and its on an adjustable antique bronze coloured ring base. ive made a green one too, and there will be other designs and colouRs made very soon :)

this is a NEW brooch i made, tis called 'LeVintage' and its made using a vintage brooch base and button, and a lil' poker chip too! i like it.

heres a sweet NEW ring called 'pRettypRincess' and is made using a cute disney 'cinderella' sticker, on an antique bronze cameo mount and adjustable ring base...

heres a NEW 'choccyCAKE' hair clip. its yummY.

and last but noT least, another NEW ring... again, using a disney sticker, with 2 tiny 'crystal' hearts, sealed with a 3D gloss. on an adjustable antique bronze ring base.

i think all of these will be put into my folksy shop soon but if youd like to buy any of them now do let me know, either by commenting me here or tweet me @cLare_beaR_

liebe das handmade! :)


Friday, 4 March 2011

the jewellery i wore...

this past week-ish.

well, as some of you may know, i not only make jewellery, i also LOVE to buy jewellery, and wear it. of course.

jewellery is pretty much my favourite thing... so i thought id share some pics of me off this past week-ish to show u the type of things ive been wearing, jewellery-wise. theyre only dinky pics...

here goes. ill try to remember where i got some of the items from :)

photo one:
top - asda
butterfly necklace - primark
silver ring - cant remember. lol

photo two:
top - primark
beaded bracelets - a gift off my mam

photo three:
top - asda
yellow bead necklace - primark
black glitter rubber bracelet - part of a set - claires accessories
pink rubber bracelet - part of a set - market stall

photo one:
top - primark
glass pendant- handmade by mee :)
green ring - avon

photo two:
top - primark
skull necklace - peacocks
black rose ring - cant remember. lol

photo three:
star top - new look
glass ring -

so thats it. thats some of the jewellery ive been wearing lately. what a joy. lol
"liebe das jewels"

Monday, 28 February 2011

vintage AND kitsch...?

yep. thats right.

heres a post about a quirky jewellery company called 'VintageNKitsch' run by the lovely Del.

i love all the jewellery goodies, which are inspired by japanese art and vintage fashion.

i have to say, the cute Kokeshi doll necklaces are among my fave items! you can pick up this yellow coloured one or a red one for a very reasonable £8 from the folksy shop :) 

heres the link to the folksy shop...

and you can also go peek at the etsy shop

and ive youve got a facebook [pretty much everyone has apart from ME] go and check the page at become a facebook 'fan' and recieve 10% discount on orders too, thats good isnt it.

i do hope you all love VintageNKitsch as much as i do and... go buy something, everythings pretty unique!

liebe das Vintage und Kitsch

Saturday, 26 February 2011

love vintage?

... "LoveJo Vintage" :)

heres a post about a new company run by the lovely Jo who combines both of her passions, vintage accessories and jewellery, to create a mix of pretty one off pieces to make women feel fabulous! 

she is inspired by style icons from the 1930s-1980s; from Wallis Simpson to Madonna, and "gives new life to old favourites and reforms them into gorgeous vintage sparkle to create eye-catching and unique homemade jewellery".

i love her jewellery, some of the rings are really beautiful, and theyre so quirky.

heres are some of those glorious rings... that music note one in the middle is my personal favourite! i LOVE it!

if youre lucky enough to be going to the glastonbury festival this year, you might see LoveJo Vintage goodies being sold in a 1950s double decker bus. how good is that...

if you like what u see, do check out her website at... 
theres a facebook page
 and you can also follow her on twitter too, like i do @LoveJoVintage

i do hope youve enjoyed this post and that you will be ever so taken with the lovely pieces LoveJo Vintage has to offer!

♥keep your eyes peeled, as LoveJo Vintage will soon be launching a range of vintage dresses! how love-ly♥
thats all folks...

"viva le vintage"

Saturday, 5 February 2011

thats phat...

hello there.

im gona start doing more posts about the jewellery makers i like and their pieces. heres the first of many...
'phatgrrl' is a jewellery designer/maker ive liked for a while. as soon as i saw her goodies, i LOVED them. theyre just so quirky and i love the charm-loaded pieces like the bracelets and necklaces... theres such a funky mix of charms from hearts and bows to skulls and crosses. i also like the use of 'doll' parts like arms and faces. theyre weirdly cute :)

here are some examples of her stuff...

go look at the website, its filled with loads of quirky items... 

and if youve got a twitter, like me, go follow her @PhatGrrl too!

"liebe das quirky" lol


Thursday, 13 January 2011

new creations...


just thought id share with u three of my newest jewellery creations... theyre all OOAK of course and totally handmade by mee...

these earrings are called "bubblegumBUTTERFLY" and i think theyre pretty candy-licious. lol

this is a new necklace called "whataScooP" and its perfect for ice-cream lovers and 'dairy queens' or for a funky gift for a budding journalist!

and these are the newest earrings ive made, theyre called "punkROCKprincess" and they totally rock! lol hehe...

none of these items are in myspace/bigcartel yet, but you can get any of them from me directly if u want em...

thats it for now y'all.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

le vintage...

ive made 2 new things as part of my 'Victoriana' collection...

the first one i made is called "Gemima" and was made using a vintage watch case my brother gave me [hes well into watches!] encased within that is a vintage-inspired image, 2 pearl beads and a pink Gem. its on a silver-tone vintage chain too! i really like it.

the second is called "countryGaRden" and was made using a HUGE vintage floral frame pendant, on an antiqued-bronze coloured chain. it also features a little leaf charm too and i think its rather quaint. lol.

hope u like em, do comment if u wish...

liebe das vintage.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

peace and love...


just thought id do a quick post about the lovely FREE badge/pin i got as part of a twitter giveaway @ImAJerkxo 

it was supposed to be another design but i saw the peace sign and because i LOVE them, i had to have that one instead!

here is the image i saved as i eagerly awaited my badge..!

and heres me wearing/enjoying the MASSIVE badge just 2day, yeyy...

and here it is chilling on a plush i have hanging in my room. i quite like it there...

i must say i do loves my new badge and shall be finding many a new place to puT it.
you can find 'im a jerk' here too

liebe das peace x

Monday, 3 January 2011

all publicity is good publicity..?


well... heres the story...

i asked someone on twitter [not mentioning any names] to do a review about my LOVELY jewellery shop over at bigcartel.

id seen a review she had done about another jewellery site, so i tweeted her to tell her about my shop in the hope that shed do a review about it. she tweeted back to say she would and would let me know when it was up.

she did let me know when it was up and i read it and got a bit upset. it was kind of a 'bad' review. i dont get why she would agree to review my site for me if she didnt like it. i only review or show products or shops that i really like, so i was dissapointed. and tweeted her to tell her this.

here are some snippets from the bad-review-ness...

"a few faults in the site which make it appear more amateur"

"lacks depth in the overall site"

"Plastic is used in excess "

this bit here really 'got my goat'... "disappointing thing about Clare’s little business is that she seems to have just stuck things on a chain and nothing has been “hand made” more like “hand stuck”

i REALLY think this is unfair, as i really try not to use too much of what other people are using with regards to charms/pendants etc. and then she goes on to say that the site is unfinished! its not unnfinished! its just how i like it!

two of the pictures she used feature 2 main pendants i KNOW no-one else has made in that particular way! how can she say theyre just hand-stuck! the cassette image in particular was stamped by me, then coloured, then glittered, so its totally hand made! it really annoyed me!

it will defo make me a lot more careful when asking people for reviews etc. do let me know what yah think tho, good or bad. i can take it!


thats all thanx for reading my rant. fuck!