Monday, 30 January 2012

kitty, kitty...

hello y'all.

i recently made a bottlecap pendant using a CUTE hard plastic kawaii sticker i got in a pack of about 30 in the sale from accessorize [im gona make many nice,cute things with them soon]

i stuck in the sticker, then used a 3D gloss [which is meant to be used for papercrafts, but whatever] and poured over loads of fine pink glitter. when all that was set and dry, i attached a silver plated pendant bail to the back of the bottlecap. i already had the orange plaited necklace lying around, unsure of what to make with it/put on it, so i thought it would go nicely on there. then i added 2 orange wooden beads that have a chinese symbol on em [god knows what it means, if anything...] still, i think it adds to the 'kawaii' feel i wanted.

i think the "KawaiiKitty" necklace is perfect for lovers of hello kitty, sanrio and anything kawaii.

here are some images of said kawaii necklace.

please let all your friends know about this lovely little cutie, and do tell them to contact me for prices and info about the necklace.

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"liebe das kawaii"