Friday, 21 June 2013

hip, hip, Rosehip


heres a post about the lovely gift tags i WON in a giveaway from an awesome company called 'Rosehip', who make 'modern british stationary and paper products'.

i won them by commenting on a blog post, and im so happy that i did, as i commented that id like to use the tags as 'backing tags' for some of the jewellery ive made using vintage and new buttons.

here they are, along with a little handwritten tag from Silkie [which is an amazing name!]

here is what ive done with one of them, ive added one of my own 'Moo' Minicards too:
and here are some button pieces im gona use some of the other tags for very soon! how exciting:
so, i do hope you liked this post, and my cute gift tags! i hope its ok to use them as tags for my jewellery. im sure it is!?

check out the Rosehip website here:
and follow them on twitter, too:

"liebe das gift taggen"

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

this is easley a great giveaway!

... i apologise to Tim, as im sure hes had many 'easily/easley' puns over the years!

anyhoo... heres a little blog post about a little giveaway i won c/o of talented designer, illustrator and photographer Tim Easley:

i saw a tweet from Tim, and i believe it was an RT based competition to WIN one of his awesome printed tote bags {which you can buy here:}

from the packaging alone, i knew there would be something AWESOME inside [the envelope even said so]

'clare the bear' is LOLS.

ok, here is the awesome tote bag and a little badge too, awesome:

i do ♥ pencils, so this is alllll good for me! thanks so much, Tim!

check out the rest of Tims shizz here:
and follow him on twitter here:

"ich liebe das giveaway"

{Freaky Jewellery}

hello! here are some photos and stuff of the jewellery and craft swap i did with the lovely Addison aka 'Freak Carousel', who makes amazing resin jewellery and also runs workshops so you can make your own! awesome.

i wanted to get into doing more jewellery swaps as id seen loads of tweets from people about swaps they had done, and i was like, i want some of that...

so i tweeted, and Addison got back to me and we arranged a swap. the swap was a jewellery AND crafty 'supplies' swap, with the value of items agreed at around £15. Addison was in the process of moving [or had just moved!?] and had some issues with the package, which was ok, as she let me know what was going on and when she was able to send the package, she was so nice and said she would send me an extra something as i had to wait a bit. lovely.

this is what i got:

{some lovely stripey beads, and some extra little beads too, like a peace sign, skulls and more. ooh, IF i ever do any resin jewellery, imagine these guys inside some resin, OOH}

{when i saw this little organza bag i was like "waaaahhhh"}

heres me wearing the pendant, YEAH!

the necklace/pendant is AMAZING, its so quirky and its just awesome. its got some lovely hot pink glitter in the background and a REAL GOOGLY EYE within it, the eye really moves! YES.

Addison also sent this personalised/custom bracelet with lyrics from my fave band ever, QOTSA's new track 'My God Is The Sun' in/on it. WOW:

the bracelet also has a sweet heart shaped toggle ♥

how good is that!? i love all the things Addison has sent, WOW. thank YOUUU.

im hoping Addison likes the things ive sent her, i didnt take a photo of them, but i sent her a 'stacked' poker chip pendant, quirky turtle earrings and a 'toothy' ring, as well as some beads and crafty bits, all in handmade wordsearch envelopes!

i love doing swaps, so if anyone would like to any kind of swap with me, let me know!? 

ich liebe das swappen [thats not technically german!] LOL

Friday, 14 June 2013

Bakewell and Matlock Bath.


yesterday i got back from a National Holidays trip to 'Chester and The Peaks' with my mam. we went to the Trafford Centre, Chester, Matlock Bath, Bakewell, had a coach tour around the Peak District and finally we went to Salford Quays! we had a lovely time, and for the money, id really recommend it, as you get to go to a lot of different places!
here are some photos i took:

little shops in matlock bath | oranate white chair and table | steps | menu | trunk | bakewell in bloom | beautiful green leaves a stoney wall | me and my mam | long stay pay and display

i hope u like my photos. it was a lovely trip and id recommend waiting til around 2 weeks before you want to to, to see if you can get a good deal!

check out @Nationalhols and the website here:

liebe das trippen.