Saturday, 21 July 2012

Accessorize For Less :)

i just LOVE accessorize, and i love it even more when they have a sale on, a 70% off sale! oh yes!

after getting my tattoo finished in newcastle yesterday [which didnt exactly go the way i wanted, but hey] i was on my way back to get the bus home, and saw that accessorize had a sale on, and thought id have a look... and ended up spending nearly a tenner! but i got 5 things, so i think thats pretty good! and i can never resist jewellery on sale, EVER.

here are the lovely pieces i bought...

this bow necklace was only £1.80 and id had my eye on it way before the sale! YEY.

this butterfly ring is so cute, and worked out at only a few quid!

i LOVE necklaces with glasses on [cos i wear specs, duh] these specs are massive, i like this.

... and this cute pink skull ring matches my tattoo perfectly, lol!

i also got this pair of earrings, which will be part of a christmas pressie for either my mate or my brothers girlfriend...

i am very happy with my haul. yep.
liebe x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moo For Me [and You]

well, here it is, the post about my super cute Minicards from Moo!
i made them around 6 days ago and saved them and re-jigged them a bit until i was happy with the design/content. i ordered them four days ago and they came 2day [thats fast, people!]
i chose to use the 'Textomatic' option and made some text cards, as i thought i would use them as tags for my jewellery! i also chose to use 'rainbow' colours, so all 100 cards come in a variety of cute colours.
heres how they come, in a cute lil' box...

this font inspired me to make a new 'buTTerfLypie' logo and after chatting to very lovely and helpful corey f via the Moo live chat, he told me which font it was, and i downloaded it and used it for my NEW LOGO. Winning.

here is a selection of just some of the cute colours in my pack:

i put some info on the back of the Minicards:

i got them for FREE after seeing a tweet by @danrubin [who must get LOADS of free stuff off Moo for recommending so many people!] check him out if youve got twitter and want some FREE Minicards!

all i had to pay was delivery, which came to about £3.90 including VAT and stuff, which for 100 custom Minicards is so good!

if youd like to order anything, click on this link: to get 10% off your order, i cant reccommend Moo enough, theyre so helpful and the quality of the cards is so good! and they came so quickly! im very happy with them!

liebe das Moo.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"Light as A Feather"

well, hello

i just had to post something about my fabulous new dangly feather charm ring.

i first saw this ring in an online jewellery shop, and it was selling for around £14! [and still is, i think] which i thought was a LOT. i just happened to look on ebay for jewellery [which i do a LOT] and searched for a feather charm ring and found one for only £3.99!

here it is...

liebe das feathers!

p.s: its always worth looking on ebay if you see something you like in an online boutique or shop, you might just get it cheaper!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

♥Diamond In The Sky Boutique: Skull Bracelet Giveaway♥

Diamond In The Sky Boutique:
Skull Bracelet Giveaway!

hellooo... yes, thats right, im hosting a bracelet giveaway with 'Diamond In The Sky Boutique', and TWO lucky winners will receive a pretty skull bracelet. how good is that...
to enter, you MUST:

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