Friday, 12 April 2013

now and the future:

hello all, its been a while since i blogged, sorry.

i just thought id show you some things ive been making lately and some things that will BE made soon, yes.

heres an adorable ring i made which i have called 'GoNuts' and you can buy him here:

i also made this 'NightRider' ring out of a little toy i found:

here are LOTS of things ill be making soon, if youre interested in anything you see and want to know more, comment below or tweet me @cLare_beaR_

[a sloth, a mixtape, a star, initials, a teeny cake stand, a Fox and many other bits and bobs]

this cute 'MrFox' charm will be made into a necklace with a blue chain, OOH.

this AMAZING pink glitter heart will be made into a necklace, on pink chain, so PINK:

like sloths!? this little guy will be made into a necklace, on blue chain:

does your name/nickname/friends name begin with H!? this RING could be for you, when ive made it:

so there, hope you all like the new things i have made, and the new things i will make.