Wednesday, 11 December 2013

a butterfLy, for me!?

hey peeps! here is a quick little post about a brooch i won from Laura's Jewellery via Facebook. Laura makes pretty handmade jewellery and ive followed her on twitter for a while now. she recently had a 'market night' on her facebook page, where she offered some jewellery at some great prices, and also offered some freebies to the first person to comment on the photos of those items, and i was quick as a flash and managed to be the first to comment on a pretty little butterfly brooch, so YEY!

here is the brooch, how sweet!?

how do yah like the brooch then, ey!? pretty innit. my mam really likes it actually, and said it would look lovely on a scarf, so i might give it to her, she would like that! Thanx, Laura!

look at Lauras Jewellery facebook page:
and follow her on twitter, yeah:

"ich liebe das butterfly"

have yourself a curly christmas...

ok, so this post title might be a bit confusing, but never fear, it will all become clear.

again, this blog post features the kind and talented Tim Easley, who offered to send some of his own christmas cards out to his facey b friends, and as im a fan of Tims stuff, i asked for one.

he also did a special christmas 'moustache' doodle in the middle of the card, and asked what each individual person wanted, which was cool. i asked for a really curly one, and thats what i got! first though, heres the front of the card:
heres the inside of the card, look at that curly wurly 'tache:
i love the card, thanx so much, Tim! merry xmas to you, too!

do check out Tims etsy store:
have a peek at him on twitter:
and have a look at his facey b page:

"ich liebe das tannen"

Monday, 2 December 2013

rings and things from Love Hearts and Crosses...

hola! heres a follow up blog post featuring the jewellery i bought from Love Hearts and Crosses (LHC) using the very generous 25% off discount code i was sent by the lovely Conny!

i saw these 2 rings online and HAD TO GET THEM, as i have a wee collection of chunky stone rings already and wanted to add to it! the black ring is £2 in the SALE and you can buy it here: and the turquoise ring was £3 and is no longer available [and of course i had a discount code to use too!]
i also got this awesome gold 'crescent' necklace for around £5 in the SALE [i think its sold out now] and i cant wait to wear it!
here are the LHC rings with most of my other 'chunky stone' rings [sorry for the slightly blurry photo]
do get yourself onto the Love Hearts and Crosses website, as the SALE is still on, and its packed with goodies, PLUS, you can get an awesome 20% off your order using the code CLAREBEAR til 9/12/13! GO GO: 

go on, treat yourself, or get in some christmas gifts!

you can also follow LHC Jewellery on twitter, here:

happy shopping!

"ich liebe das love hearts"

the birds...

hello! can you believe its December already!? MADNESS.

anyway, heres a blog post about another giveaway i WON, yey! this time its a sweet 'birds' book with lots of jewellery and accessory projects in it, which i won c/o a competition from the Craft Institute via Making Jewellery Magazine's facebook page!

it was a blog competition and to be honest, id forgotten id even entered it, and then the book came in the post, it was such a surprise! i cant wait to make something using the book as inspiration!

heres the book:
and here are some pics i took when it arrived:
it features some really great little jewellery/crafty projects!
THANK YOU, 'Making Jewellery Magazine', and i hope you readers like the book, if you do, you can buy a copy of your own from amazon, here:

once again, youve got to be in it to win it, people, so get entering those giveaways!

check out the Making Jewellery facebook page, wont yah:

"liebe das jewellerie machen"

Thursday, 21 November 2013

dont you just 'Love Hearts and Crosses' [Discount Code!]

hola! how you doing?

heres a little blog post about the awesome 'Love Hearts and Crosses', run by the lovely Conny.

Conny recently tweeted [@LHC_Jewellery] asking if any bloggers would like to get involved with LHC and offer some discount codes to their readers, how exciting!?

here are my top three picks from the website:

how amazing is this CUUUTE French Bulldog ring!? I LOVE IT! its £39 and you can buy it here:
and this amazingly sparkly pink glitter heart pendant, its only £3 in the sale right now!
and i LOVE this semi-precious stone wrapped ring, i was SO CLOSE to getting it myself! its also in the sale for only £8:
how do yah like them apples!? LOL. if you want to grab anything from the website, at 20% off, i have an exclusive code for you. just type in CLAREBEAR at the checkout before 09/12/2013 and youll get 20% off your entire order, how good is that!?

happy shopping!

"ich liebe das jewellery"


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

a Golden GRRR!

hello there!

heres a post about an amazing necklace/pendant i got from the lovely 'Finest Imaginary'. i 'like' the page on facebook, and saw that there was an offer on some of the pendants, at only £3 each, so i HAD TO HAVE ONE. i had my eye on the 'GRRR!' one for ages, theyre available in four different colours, black, white, pink and GOLD, and decided to get the gold [mirror] one:
look at the cute packaging!
YAY, indeed!
and here it is, good, isnt it!?
and here is moi wearing it [with my sweet little 'cupcake' necklace too, i should probably have taken that off!?]
i LOVE this necklace SO MUCH, and with p&p it was only £3.90, EPIC!
Thanx, Finest Imaginary!

if youd like to get one of your own, hop on over to the facebook page and see if theyre still available: 

also, do follow the lovely Kim [Miss Finest Imaginary, herself] on twitter:

and check out the website/shop here: 

"ich liebe das Gold"

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Made in China

hello all, how are yah?

so this is a post about a little giveaway i entered and WON from the lovely Lucy Farfort, which you can see details of here: ive followed Lucy for ages on twitter and she does cute illustrations and stuff, so have a look if you can.

anyway, in the giveaway i won some pretty and delicate authentic chinese papercut pieces, which i just thought were so unusual and sweet, and i really want to use them to collage a little wooden storage box or table or something and add some gold/silver leaf. i think thatd look awesome! watch out  for a post on that, when i do something with them! seriously though, the papercuts are so pretty, here are some photos: 
the paper pieces are so thin and delicate. lovely:
do you all love the papercuts as much as i do? have you ever seen them before? do you own any!?

i hope youve enjoyed reading this post and do leave a little comment if you like!?
check out Lucys website here:
follow her on twitter here:

"ich liebe China"

Friday, 13 September 2013

Giveaway Goodies from Twinkie Chan

yes, thats right people, i have won ANOTHER giveaway, but thats a good thing. it is.

this one comes courtesy of Twinkie Chan, from San Francisco  who makes amazingly cute and kawaii goodies, crocheted by her own fair hands. here is the link to the giveaway i entered on her blog:

in the giveaway i won an ice-cream t-shirt by 'Yummy You!', a cute pink print by 'Tiffany Star', a crocheted candy floss [or cotton candy as Twinkie would call it!] pen, a crocheted mint choc chip hair barrette, which is AMAZING and some cute little badges too! YEY. here they are. dont be too jealous:

here is the tshirt, how CUTE!?
heres me wearing the tee [and it happens to be one of the only good pics of my skull/roses tattoo too!]
 here is the print by 'Tiffany Star', its so sweet and looks very 3D!
here are the amazing crocheted goodies from Twinkie herself!
a 'cool' patch and some cute badges, YEAH!
a BIG thanx to Twinkie Chan for sending me these goodies, i love them all very much!
i do hope you all love my kawaii treats, do check out Twinkies website for links to all the products:

do also follow on twitter:

"ich liebe das kawaii"