Monday, 28 February 2011

vintage AND kitsch...?

yep. thats right.

heres a post about a quirky jewellery company called 'VintageNKitsch' run by the lovely Del.

i love all the jewellery goodies, which are inspired by japanese art and vintage fashion.

i have to say, the cute Kokeshi doll necklaces are among my fave items! you can pick up this yellow coloured one or a red one for a very reasonable £8 from the folksy shop :) 

heres the link to the folksy shop...

and you can also go peek at the etsy shop

and ive youve got a facebook [pretty much everyone has apart from ME] go and check the page at become a facebook 'fan' and recieve 10% discount on orders too, thats good isnt it.

i do hope you all love VintageNKitsch as much as i do and... go buy something, everythings pretty unique!

liebe das Vintage und Kitsch

Saturday, 26 February 2011

love vintage?

... "LoveJo Vintage" :)

heres a post about a new company run by the lovely Jo who combines both of her passions, vintage accessories and jewellery, to create a mix of pretty one off pieces to make women feel fabulous! 

she is inspired by style icons from the 1930s-1980s; from Wallis Simpson to Madonna, and "gives new life to old favourites and reforms them into gorgeous vintage sparkle to create eye-catching and unique homemade jewellery".

i love her jewellery, some of the rings are really beautiful, and theyre so quirky.

heres are some of those glorious rings... that music note one in the middle is my personal favourite! i LOVE it!

if youre lucky enough to be going to the glastonbury festival this year, you might see LoveJo Vintage goodies being sold in a 1950s double decker bus. how good is that...

if you like what u see, do check out her website at... 
theres a facebook page
 and you can also follow her on twitter too, like i do @LoveJoVintage

i do hope youve enjoyed this post and that you will be ever so taken with the lovely pieces LoveJo Vintage has to offer!

♥keep your eyes peeled, as LoveJo Vintage will soon be launching a range of vintage dresses! how love-ly♥
thats all folks...

"viva le vintage"

Saturday, 5 February 2011

thats phat...

hello there.

im gona start doing more posts about the jewellery makers i like and their pieces. heres the first of many...
'phatgrrl' is a jewellery designer/maker ive liked for a while. as soon as i saw her goodies, i LOVED them. theyre just so quirky and i love the charm-loaded pieces like the bracelets and necklaces... theres such a funky mix of charms from hearts and bows to skulls and crosses. i also like the use of 'doll' parts like arms and faces. theyre weirdly cute :)

here are some examples of her stuff...

go look at the website, its filled with loads of quirky items... 

and if youve got a twitter, like me, go follow her @PhatGrrl too!

"liebe das quirky" lol