Thursday, 30 August 2012

a little treat from Lissele Jewellery.

hello, how r u doing!?
just a quick little post about a lovely jewellery company i came accross via twitter [its where ive discovered some awesome things lately]
i saw a tweet saying that you could get a FREE pair of earrings by simply creating an account with Lissele Jewellery, creating a wishlist and sending it to them via email. so i did.
theyve got soo many amazingly cute earrings for only £1, as well as lots of other really reasonably priced jewellery. yippee.
one of the items in my wishlist was a cute pair of little white apple earrings, which i was very pleased to receive!
as you can see from the above images, these little earrings are SO CUTE! included with the earrings was this cute business card/discount code [which ive hidden, so none of u minxes can use it!] for 10% off my next order! YES!
i do believe the FREE EARRINGS offer is still on, click the link to find out more:
you can check out all the amazing items from Lissele Jewellery here:
and do also follow Lissele on twitter @LisseleJ
"liebe das jewellery"

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


yes, thats right. this post is about another giveaway prize ive won, amazing!
this is a giveaway i won quite a while ago from the lovely Maggie Angus, but after some problems with mr postman, i never got my goodies, even though they were sent months ago! i tweeted them, and lovely as they are, they re-sent my Giveaway Goodies, and of course i got them this time! YEY!
here are the images of my giveaway prizes on the maggie angus website, theres this lovely 'Nautical Charm Necklace':
... and this lovely set of 3 'Heart Stack Rings'
i was so happy that the lovely staff at Maggie Angus re-sent my goodies, [i really wanted those rings]
here they are, finally mine, yes:
i wore one of the rings as soon as i opened the box, theyre SO CUTE!
the quality of the acrylic used in the jewellery is really good, and the mirror is really shiny! i cant reccomend Maggie Angus enough!
 if you would like to buy any of these products, you can still find them on the website, the necklace is on sale at the moment, so be quick!

Friday, 24 August 2012

My Pink Plushie...

i just thought id do a lil' post about a lovely plushie i got after seeing a tweet from the adorable @XOXOLexiBee.

Lexi loves Barbie, My Little Pony and all things Pink - my kind of girl! she also is a model and makes her own jewellery!
Lexi lives in America, and tweeted that she had got some cuuute my little pony plushies, and i tweeted back saying i thought they were cute and that i wanted one. but they dont sell them here in the uk!sad face.
she said that she would happily send me one if i paid for the item and shipping, so i agreed! i really wanted one! its PINK!
here is the little cutie...
Lexi sent me a plushie she was going to keep for herself [as more werent in stock yet] how lovely of her!
here she is in my hand, shes so dinky! [it seems to have a slight smell to it aswell, so sweet] lol
im so happy that Lexi agreed and indeed suggested sending me one, i love her!
as a thank you, im gona send her a few cute 'pony' goodies! i hope she likes them...
"liebe das meine klein pony"
do follow Lexi on twitter, and check out her jewellery store below:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


put it on your wall instead! [this will make sense in a minute!]

ok, so i saw a tweet from the handsome and taltented @BruceyArt saying that there was a sale on over at @RawMeatBites who i hadnt heard of before, so i thought id have a peek.

among a few other prints i liked, i saw THIS print for only £1. a POUND! i HAD TO HAVE IT! its so colourful and unusual. i like!

it worked out at £3 including p&p, which for an A3 print, is amazingly cheap!

here it is on the wall right next to my bed, and how lovely it looks there too:

i had to cut it down a teeny bit so it fit in the frame, but all is good. the paper quality of the print is so good aswell, proper thick.

if youd like to get one of these [i think theyre still available!?] head on over to Raw Meat

do also follow them on twitter, if youre a tweeter @RawMeatBites

liebe das prints!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

a #TuesdayTreat from Jon Richard...

well, hello.

everyone likes getting stuff for free dont they, and youve got to be in it to win it, as they say. so when i saw a tweet from @jonrichardjewel and @Debenhams saying all you had to do to WIN a lovely sparkly Swarovski Elements pendant was to Re-Tweet and include the hastag #TuesdayTreats, i did, and thought nothing of it.

a few days later, i think, i was checking twitter on my phone and saw a mention from Jon Richard and Debenhams saying i had WON one of the pendants. there were three colours to choose from and i liked the clear one [i thought i could wear it when im a bridesmaid for my brother next year!] so asked if they could send me that one, and they did. how exciting!

it came today, and i LOVE it. its super sparkly and has a lovely AB [aurora borealis] finish to it. its not as big as i thought itd be, i think the image made it look bigger, its actually quite small and sweet.

here are some images of it...

there were five winners in total, and im sure the other girls like theirs just as much as i like mine!

if you want to get one for yourelf, theye available to buy on the Debenhams website for £20 [theres matching earrings too!

"liebe das sparkle"


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

a day at the [craft] market...

hello all.

here is my post about the craft market i did at The Cluny, in Newcastle on Sunday.

i hadnt been to The Cluny before so didnt know what to expect, but had wanted to do more craft markets in the North East, so gave it a go. my mam came with me to help set up and 'man' the stall so i had a bit of company there.

i got taking to many of the other stall holders, which was nice. i was mostly talking to the lovely Gemma from 'Little Tin Goddess' who had a stall opposite me. she was nice, i even bought a 'lego heart' bracelet off her cos id wanted one for ages!

anyway, here are some pics of my stall...

... so what do you think of the look of my stall!?

ok, so im gone be honest and tell it like it is, there was very little footfall at the craft market, and i was told by one of the other stall holders that it was because there are usually a lot of students who come along, and as a lot of them had gone home for the term and stuff, obviously they werent there. i did only manage to sell ONE THING. sad face. ah well. but i did sell my LEGO hair clip to the aforementioned Gemma, who LOVES lego and sells a lot of LEGO jewellery and other quirky stuffs, she put it straight on and it suited her perfectly.

its all good experience though, and i do enjoy doing craft markets/fairs etc. and hadnt done one for ages. its kind of made me want to organise a craft fayre of my own even more, and im gona set up some meetings/chats with some venues in Sunderland/Newcastle VERY SOON.

of course im dissapointed, and did hope to sell a lot more stuff, but hey ho. theres always another craft market, another time. youve got to get yourself out there havent u!

"liebe das kraft"


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


just thought id share some of the new things ive been making, im good to u!

they will all be coming with me to a craft market i am doing at The Cluny in Newcastle THIS sunday, do come along if youre in the area!

super cute "KokeshiKitty" earrings

"BlockParty" pendants in 3 pastel colours!

"keyTomyHeart" necklace

"fred&ginger(bread)" earrings. CUTE!

ive attached the earrings to the cute little Minicards i got from 'Moo'
and they look adorable. ill be doing a post about the craft market on monday, so look out for that!

"liebe das kreativity"