Thursday, 19 September 2013

Made in China

hello all, how are yah?

so this is a post about a little giveaway i entered and WON from the lovely Lucy Farfort, which you can see details of here: ive followed Lucy for ages on twitter and she does cute illustrations and stuff, so have a look if you can.

anyway, in the giveaway i won some pretty and delicate authentic chinese papercut pieces, which i just thought were so unusual and sweet, and i really want to use them to collage a little wooden storage box or table or something and add some gold/silver leaf. i think thatd look awesome! watch out  for a post on that, when i do something with them! seriously though, the papercuts are so pretty, here are some photos: 
the paper pieces are so thin and delicate. lovely:
do you all love the papercuts as much as i do? have you ever seen them before? do you own any!?

i hope youve enjoyed reading this post and do leave a little comment if you like!?
check out Lucys website here:
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"ich liebe China"

Friday, 13 September 2013

Giveaway Goodies from Twinkie Chan

yes, thats right people, i have won ANOTHER giveaway, but thats a good thing. it is.

this one comes courtesy of Twinkie Chan, from San Francisco  who makes amazingly cute and kawaii goodies, crocheted by her own fair hands. here is the link to the giveaway i entered on her blog:

in the giveaway i won an ice-cream t-shirt by 'Yummy You!', a cute pink print by 'Tiffany Star', a crocheted candy floss [or cotton candy as Twinkie would call it!] pen, a crocheted mint choc chip hair barrette, which is AMAZING and some cute little badges too! YEY. here they are. dont be too jealous:

here is the tshirt, how CUTE!?
heres me wearing the tee [and it happens to be one of the only good pics of my skull/roses tattoo too!]
 here is the print by 'Tiffany Star', its so sweet and looks very 3D!
here are the amazing crocheted goodies from Twinkie herself!
a 'cool' patch and some cute badges, YEAH!
a BIG thanx to Twinkie Chan for sending me these goodies, i love them all very much!
i do hope you all love my kawaii treats, do check out Twinkies website for links to all the products:

do also follow on twitter:

"ich liebe das kawaii"

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kooky Jewellery From Kukee

hola! here is another post about a jewellery swap ive done.

this time it was with the lovely Silvana, from awesome jewellery brand Kukee. ive always loved Kukee's selection of affordable quirky jewellery, so when i asked if i could do a swap, and she said yes, i was SO EXCITED.

Silvana picked out a few items she liked from my SHOP and i had a peek at the MANY items on Kukee and chose four pieces, which you can see below:

the package came in a slim box, and as you can see, pink tissue paper too. cute! each item comes in their on little bag with a cute Kukee sticker on it [see starry ring below]

firstly, i chose this cool spike curved bar necklace, which you can buy here:
 then i chose this AMAZING gold tone multi cross necklace, find it here:
 when i saw this cool personalised necklace i knew i had to get 'CLAREBEAR' written on it, brilliant! get your own custom version here:
 and last but not least, i wanted a new above the knuckle/midi ring, so i saw this sweet one with stars on and thought itd be cute. and it is! get it here:
the chunky gold cross necklace is my fave, and here are a few more pics of it, ooh:
i hope you like the jewellery i picked out, and if you make your own jewellery, why not ask Silvana if she wants to do a swapsie with you, you never know, she might say yes! :)

check out the Kukee website here:
check them out on facey b:
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"liede das kukee"