Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shops/Sellers i Like: Part One: Di Depux

here is the first of many posts i will be doing about shops/sellers i have found on twitter or Etsy.
firstly, its: 'Di Depux' which is run by the lovely Despina from Greece. she makes super cute and quirky acrylic jewellery, and i just love it ALL :)
here are a few of my fave pieces from the Etsy shop...
i think this means 'beautiful' in japanese, how cute!
i love these swarovski peace necklaces!
these bunny earrings are the cutest, look at how the ears are bent over, adorable!

you can check out her Etsy shop here
and you can have a peek at the website here
follow her on twitter, at @didepux
and she also has a blog

do check out her goodies, therye all amazing!

[i think that means 'peace' in greek, and one day i shall have it tattooed on my arm]
liebe ♥

Sunday, 3 June 2012

♥the Delilah Dust Wishbone Bracelet Giveaway WINNER!♥

hello, just a quick post to tell u who the WINNER of the GIVEAWAY i hosted with jewellery brand 'DelilahDust' is.

i picked the name at random and the lucky winner is...

congratulations, Lucy! @artoflosinglucy youve won this cute Wishbone bracelet in a cord colour of your choice! YEY...

ill tweet you, Lucy, and let Antonia from 'DelilahDust' know too, and she will be in contact for your address and bracelet colour choice!

thanx to everyone who entered, and hopefully ill be doing lots more giveaways on here soon!
liebe ♥

Friday, 1 June 2012


whoever said you shouldnt Run with Scissors!?
dont worry, itll all make sense in a minute...
i had been wanting a pink glitter resin heart pendant for aaages, and had been looking mainly on Etsy for sellers who made them. i did find a few that i sort of liked, but wasnt entirely keen on. i then decided that i should probably get one made to just how i wanted it. i LOVE having things that no one else has and this way, i knew id get something custom made and unique.

 i came accross 'runningwithscissorss' run by the lovely Stacy. it said custom orders were welcome, and i LOVED the colour [baby pink] of one of the pendants she had already made, so i sent her a message and it went from there...
here is the pendant i saw in the colour i just had to have...
she was lovely and communicated with me throughout the whole process to make sure i got what i wanted...  she had loads of skull charms to choose from, so i picked the biggest one, and said id like a mixture of some of the little stars id seen used in some of her other pendants and necklaces. i even had a choice of chains, and chose this lovely chunky silver tone one. perfect. the pendant cost $26.50 including shipping from the US, which i think is just over £17, which isnt too bad i dont think! i waited a few months from the very first message i sent [she was away on holiday for a bit though, so yeah] to when the item arrived and i am SOOO happy with it.
 heres the image she sent me to make sure what she had made was what i wanted...

as you can imagine, after seeing this i was SUPER EXCITED and tweeted about it loads, eagerly awaiting its arrival!

and it came, yesterday! eeeeeeekkkk!

heres the lovely box it came in and a few pics of the necklace...

and, she was kind enough to send me an extra FREE gift, its a cute mirrored acrylic skull ring and it fits me PERFECTLY. yipee...

... heres me wearing the necklace, OOOh!

i really like it and am very glad i got it made just how i wanted it. YEY.

check out her Etsy shop here...
liebe ♥