Saturday, 4 September 2010

the bigcartel top 5: paRt 1


ive been trawling bigcartel, and have found some great shops. here are the first 5 great stores ive found...

firstly... 'carlitta monchitta'

she makes super sweet, vintage inspired earrings, and her bigcartel shop is jam packed full of lots of designs.

next its 'crow and alice'

the store sells lots of different acrylic heart necklaces, featuring vintage sketchy looking eerie illustrations.

and now... 'hearts and bones'

the shop sells very quirky and bright glass lampwork jewellery. such unique and original designs.

and now... 'emily loves vintage'

the shop sells vintage inspired jewellery with a glam twist with designs influenced by paris.

and the final shop of the top 5... 'isabels rose'

the shop sells funky lampwork glass designs such as skulls. very unusual and totally rockin!

thats it for now, do check out these lovely stores, and message me if youd like me to feature your shop!

guten tag.


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