Saturday, 10 March 2012

happy birthday to me...

hi people.

well, it was my birthday a few days ago, on the 7th, and i thought id show you a few of the things i got...

heres a pretty gift bag my bestie gave me, it had some Lindt Lindor chocolates in it and a £10 New Look gift card, yey.

below is a selection of some of the other gifts i got... including an Ed Hardy 'Born Wild' fragrance set, some Hotel Chocolat strawberry 'Munchkins' and a milk chocolate smiley lolly, ALL off my mate Vic.

theres also a cute Soap and Glory miniature gift set i got off my brother and his girlfriend katie. yup. i also got a MASSIVE box of chocolates from Thorntons and £30 off them too, which was nice.

above is a bracelet my mam got from her friend, who made it specially for moi :)

so yeah, i had a great birthday... and got lots of lovely gifts.

happy birthday to me...

"liebe das geburtsag"


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