Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shops/Sellers i Like: Part One: Di Depux

here is the first of many posts i will be doing about shops/sellers i have found on twitter or Etsy.
firstly, its: 'Di Depux' which is run by the lovely Despina from Greece. she makes super cute and quirky acrylic jewellery, and i just love it ALL :)
here are a few of my fave pieces from the Etsy shop...
i think this means 'beautiful' in japanese, how cute!
i love these swarovski peace necklaces!
these bunny earrings are the cutest, look at how the ears are bent over, adorable!

you can check out her Etsy shop here
and you can have a peek at the website here
follow her on twitter, at @didepux
and she also has a blog

do check out her goodies, therye all amazing!

[i think that means 'peace' in greek, and one day i shall have it tattooed on my arm]
liebe ♥


  1. I got my dad (who is Greek) to check if that does say 'peace' and it does :') aha! xo

  2. The japanese writing one is amazing, going to check out that shop right now! x

  3. glad u girls both like the shop, i just love it all! x