Wednesday, 11 December 2013

have yourself a curly christmas...

ok, so this post title might be a bit confusing, but never fear, it will all become clear.

again, this blog post features the kind and talented Tim Easley, who offered to send some of his own christmas cards out to his facey b friends, and as im a fan of Tims stuff, i asked for one.

he also did a special christmas 'moustache' doodle in the middle of the card, and asked what each individual person wanted, which was cool. i asked for a really curly one, and thats what i got! first though, heres the front of the card:
heres the inside of the card, look at that curly wurly 'tache:
i love the card, thanx so much, Tim! merry xmas to you, too!

do check out Tims etsy store:
have a peek at him on twitter:
and have a look at his facey b page:

"ich liebe das tannen"

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