Tuesday, 1 January 2013


"mistletoe and wine..."
hello. heres a late-ish post featuring some of the Christmas gifts i got this year.
i had a pretty special christmas this year, as for the first time EVER, me and my parents went somewhere on Christmas Day, to my brothers at about 11am! before that we opened our presents from each other at home and i opened the ones from my mates! then we got to my brothers house and had dinner etc and we opened all our presents from my brother and he opened his off us etc. it was a lovely day!
here are some of my fave gifts i got this year:
i actually bought this sweet cupcake trinket box/pot for myself [with my christmas money] for only £2 in wilkinsons. EPIC.
i also ordered this sweet hello kitty frame from littlewoods and i think it was about £4. i got many hello kitty things this year! YES.
i got this tiny little 'friends' cushion off my bestie, and i love it! its so sweet.
here is the lovely jewellery i got this year off my parents, of course i picked it all out myself, its all amazing, of course!
i got this cute skulls vest top off my brother and katie [his wife-to-be] and they know i love anything with skulls on, so its PERFECT :)
i got the perfume from Avon off my parents, the wonderfully smelling hello kitty 'body spritz' from my mate Vic, and the mini bottle of Rose off my bestie. good times.
i got this amazing mustard coloured 'leather' mini satchel off my brother and katie. and i love it!
so there, thats some of my fave gifts from Christmas2012.
i hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got some lovely gifts!