Wednesday, 19 June 2013

this is easley a great giveaway!

... i apologise to Tim, as im sure hes had many 'easily/easley' puns over the years!

anyhoo... heres a little blog post about a little giveaway i won c/o of talented designer, illustrator and photographer Tim Easley:

i saw a tweet from Tim, and i believe it was an RT based competition to WIN one of his awesome printed tote bags {which you can buy here:}

from the packaging alone, i knew there would be something AWESOME inside [the envelope even said so]

'clare the bear' is LOLS.

ok, here is the awesome tote bag and a little badge too, awesome:

i do ♥ pencils, so this is alllll good for me! thanks so much, Tim!

check out the rest of Tims shizz here:
and follow him on twitter here:

"ich liebe das giveaway"

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