Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kooky Jewellery From Kukee

hola! here is another post about a jewellery swap ive done.

this time it was with the lovely Silvana, from awesome jewellery brand Kukee. ive always loved Kukee's selection of affordable quirky jewellery, so when i asked if i could do a swap, and she said yes, i was SO EXCITED.

Silvana picked out a few items she liked from my SHOP and i had a peek at the MANY items on Kukee and chose four pieces, which you can see below:

the package came in a slim box, and as you can see, pink tissue paper too. cute! each item comes in their on little bag with a cute Kukee sticker on it [see starry ring below]

firstly, i chose this cool spike curved bar necklace, which you can buy here:
 then i chose this AMAZING gold tone multi cross necklace, find it here:
 when i saw this cool personalised necklace i knew i had to get 'CLAREBEAR' written on it, brilliant! get your own custom version here:
 and last but not least, i wanted a new above the knuckle/midi ring, so i saw this sweet one with stars on and thought itd be cute. and it is! get it here:
the chunky gold cross necklace is my fave, and here are a few more pics of it, ooh:
i hope you like the jewellery i picked out, and if you make your own jewellery, why not ask Silvana if she wants to do a swapsie with you, you never know, she might say yes! :)

check out the Kukee website here:
check them out on facey b:
and follow on twitter:

"liede das kukee"

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