Monday, 3 January 2011

all publicity is good publicity..?


well... heres the story...

i asked someone on twitter [not mentioning any names] to do a review about my LOVELY jewellery shop over at bigcartel.

id seen a review she had done about another jewellery site, so i tweeted her to tell her about my shop in the hope that shed do a review about it. she tweeted back to say she would and would let me know when it was up.

she did let me know when it was up and i read it and got a bit upset. it was kind of a 'bad' review. i dont get why she would agree to review my site for me if she didnt like it. i only review or show products or shops that i really like, so i was dissapointed. and tweeted her to tell her this.

here are some snippets from the bad-review-ness...

"a few faults in the site which make it appear more amateur"

"lacks depth in the overall site"

"Plastic is used in excess "

this bit here really 'got my goat'... "disappointing thing about Clare’s little business is that she seems to have just stuck things on a chain and nothing has been “hand made” more like “hand stuck”

i REALLY think this is unfair, as i really try not to use too much of what other people are using with regards to charms/pendants etc. and then she goes on to say that the site is unfinished! its not unnfinished! its just how i like it!

two of the pictures she used feature 2 main pendants i KNOW no-one else has made in that particular way! how can she say theyre just hand-stuck! the cassette image in particular was stamped by me, then coloured, then glittered, so its totally hand made! it really annoyed me!

it will defo make me a lot more careful when asking people for reviews etc. do let me know what yah think tho, good or bad. i can take it!


thats all thanx for reading my rant. fuck!


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