Thursday, 6 January 2011

peace and love...


just thought id do a quick post about the lovely FREE badge/pin i got as part of a twitter giveaway @ImAJerkxo 

it was supposed to be another design but i saw the peace sign and because i LOVE them, i had to have that one instead!

here is the image i saved as i eagerly awaited my badge..!

and heres me wearing/enjoying the MASSIVE badge just 2day, yeyy...

and here it is chilling on a plush i have hanging in my room. i quite like it there...

i must say i do loves my new badge and shall be finding many a new place to puT it.
you can find 'im a jerk' here too

liebe das peace x

1 comment:

  1. i never commented! i'm so mean. you look GREAT doll! x

    (this is rose! from im a jerk LOL)