Monday, 4 July 2011

giddy up...

yeeeee-haaaaw ya'll. hehe :)

heres a post about a FREE necklace i got from the lovely people at 'jamboree' via a giveaway on their blog.

its always nice to get free stuff isnt it. and i was pleasantly surprised to WIN the quirky horse necklace.

heres a pic of it, from the blog...

i eaglerly awaited its arrival, and when it finally came, i put it straight on! yeah. sorry about the amount of boobs in the shot, its meant to be showcasing the necklace! u can see a bit of my star tattoo in there aswell :)

you can check out the jamboree website at

and thier lovely blog here

do follow them on twitter, also @jamboreetweetie

"liebe das jamboree"


1 comment:

  1. Looks fab! thank you for the linka dinka's - glad you like the necklace:D