Thursday, 28 July 2011


...well, its hardly a boudoir, but i thought i would share some images of my room with you, after being inspired by a blog post by MessyCarla [here is the link to that very post...]

our house is, and has been getting 'modernised', meaning all the walls have to be repainted etc and all that jazz, so my room will look a bit diffrent soon. the time is now... my room in general was a bit childish, but i liked it that way and still do. but, im 26 now, so the walls at least can look a bit more 'grown up'. heh.

heres a lovely image of one of my walls. they will all probably be put right back up there in the same place/s once all the redecorating is done. that charming print is by 'gorjuss'.

heres my computer desk. that print is from Cute Creations.

this is my 'back wall' here, you can see some of my shelves filled with stuffs and the 'kerrang' cutouts behind [those BMTH stickers are there to cover some shoddily applied foam stickers etc. bah]

this is a corner of my room. i like it. hello kitty is there and above her is/was brody dalle aka mrs josh homme. awesome

thats all now. hope u liked my old room. i shall blog pics of the new and improved redecorated room in like, a month. meh

"liebe das zimmer"


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