Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"i can be your daddy, be your rock and roller"


i thought i would share with you a post about a lovely necklace i bought very recently from 'scarlett hearts', who are based very locally in newastle :)

i had wanted one of these quirky necklaces for ages, and when i saw this one for only £4! i had to have it. [i also used a discount code, which i got from twitter, meaning it worked out cheaper] i usually wear silver but do have a few gold coloured bits and thought the gold looked more vintage, so i opted for that version.

heres the image as it is on the site...

and heres me wearing it... yey.

heres the link to the 'rock and roller' necklace in their bigcartel store...

and do also follow them on twitter... @scarlettheartsx

"liebe das rock and roll"


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  1. Hello miss, how have you been? Your tweets seem to have vanished from my feed. It's probably because i am following too many randomz people *doh* Hows it going? How is your craft-y-ness? Update please! x