Friday, 4 May 2012



heres a quick post featuring some of the newest jewellery goodies ive been making. here goes...

these super cute earrings are made using official Sanrio charms and feature a lilac heart charm too. so cute! [even if i do say so myself!] these earrings are currently in my shop

and this one is called "LotSo" [a character from 'Toy Story 3', duh!]

this lovely ring is called 'BlueMonarch' and i like it very much :)

these earrings are also made using some of those adorable charms, the earrings are called 'HelloSnowboard'...

and last but not least, this creation is called 'KawaiiClover'. Kawaii means 'cute' btw. d'oh.

[oh, and youve probably noticed that all of the backgrounds in these images are the same. its a sheet of very good quality wallpaper from the delightful people at 'Mineheart'. follow them on twitter here: @lovabledesign]

thats all. liebe ♥

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