Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How Sweet...

"How Sweetly Wrapped"

heres a post about a lovely company i found on twitter [or did they find me!?] anyway, theyre based in sunny consett, in the north east of england, and thats actually quite close to where i live!

they make funky up-cycled purses, wallets, passprt holders and more using crisp packets, sweet wrappers and comic books!

i love the idea of them using wrappers and packets to make lovely things, so i thought id send them some to use!

i wasnt expecting anything in return, but they were kind enough to send me a lovely cute card holder, which was nice. it was nicely packaged too, and was wrapped in a comic book page [i should have taken a photo really]

its very well made, and seems sturdy enough to use all the time! brilliant!

here is the card holder i was sent...

here are some examples of items currently for sale in their Etsy shop...

do check out the Etsy shop...

and the website...

and follow them on twitter too... @SweetlyWrapped

thats all folks, i hope you love Sweetly Wrapped as much as i do!



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