Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moo For Me [and You]

well, here it is, the post about my super cute Minicards from Moo!
i made them around 6 days ago and saved them and re-jigged them a bit until i was happy with the design/content. i ordered them four days ago and they came 2day [thats fast, people!]
i chose to use the 'Textomatic' option and made some text cards, as i thought i would use them as tags for my jewellery! i also chose to use 'rainbow' colours, so all 100 cards come in a variety of cute colours.
heres how they come, in a cute lil' box...

this font inspired me to make a new 'buTTerfLypie' logo and after chatting to very lovely and helpful corey f via the Moo live chat, he told me which font it was, and i downloaded it and used it for my NEW LOGO. Winning.

here is a selection of just some of the cute colours in my pack:

i put some info on the back of the Minicards:

i got them for FREE after seeing a tweet by @danrubin [who must get LOADS of free stuff off Moo for recommending so many people!] check him out if youve got twitter and want some FREE Minicards!

all i had to pay was delivery, which came to about £3.90 including VAT and stuff, which for 100 custom Minicards is so good!

if youd like to order anything, click on this link: to get 10% off your order, i cant reccommend Moo enough, theyre so helpful and the quality of the cards is so good! and they came so quickly! im very happy with them!

liebe das Moo.

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