Wednesday, 7 August 2013

to the moon and back...

horay! indeed

here is ANOTHER blog post about ANOTHER compeition/giveaway i won via twitter. i seem to be very lucky thesedays, but, youve got to be in it to win it, as they say, hehe!

ok, so this giveaway was hosted by HI! magazine and was a competition to WIN a cute illustrated journal by talented Scotsman Neil Slorance [who ive been following on twitter for ages!]

the journal is called 'The Amateur Astronomer's Journal' and here are some pics of my cool competiton prize...

i always know when somethings come from a twitter-based giveaway, as it says something like this on it, amazing:
here is the cover, good isnt it...
 Neil had said on Twitter that he hand writes a message into each of his journals, and mine says "well done" and has a little rocket doodle, aw!
 this is a section of one of the pages and i just love her face!
 this section is about sandwiches, its funny:
and dont you forget it...
so yeah, i hope you like my little journal, cos i do. i love Neil's style of drawing anyway, so i was pretty happy to win this bad boy!

like i said, i won this on twitter c/o HI! magazine, who you can follow too, right here: @hihimag
 and also do follow neil on there @osmart and check out his SHOP where you can buy your very own copy of 'The Amateur Astronomer's Journal', here:

"liebe das illustratoren"

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