Tuesday, 3 June 2014

REVIEW: Jubly-Umph Jewellery and Accessories


heres a blog post about the amazing jewellery from Jubly-Umph, "home of rockabilly, tattoo and pin up jewellery", who are based in Australia. They also sell bags, wallets and phone cases, as well as art prints and cushion covers. I first saw them on Facebook, and have always loved their kitsch designs, so when i saw a status asking for bloggers to review some of their latest jewellery and accessory designs, i rushed to email them and was stunned when they said they would send me some things to review on the blog, as i dont have that many followers/readers!

they must have known im obsessed with jewellery, so im super happy to be reviewing these items, soo... heres what they sent for me to review:

the AWESOME "Sew Lovely" sewing machine brooch, which i picked out of the bag first, is made of stainless steel and coated with resin and is really good quality! you can but it here: ill be putting it on my stripey blue blazer soon!
 im SO HAPPY with these sweet little earrings, as i LOVE DUCKS, rubber ducks are especially cute and i CANT WAIT TO WEAR THESE little beauts, which are also great quality and made of stainless steel and coated with resin! you can buy em, here: 
 this postcard was sent with my goodies, and its going in a little frame and on my wall/shelf really soon, its SO CUTE!
this 'sugar skull' inspired sticker is also AMAZING and if youve seen any of my other blog posts about the stickers ive aquired, you'll know im a sticker fan, and this one is already stuck onto my sketchbook!
 this necklace is one of my faves from what i was sent, as i always like things with ladies wearing specs on, as they look a bit like me! HAHA! srsly though, look how lovely she is, pearls, specs and a flamingo on her head, amazing! shes called 'Phoebe the Flamingo Lady', shes also made of stainless steel and resin, and u can buy her here: 
 here i am, wearing the necklace with my new flamingo vest, how cool!? its really lightweight and is a great length, so i can wear it with LOTS of different things! 
im SO HAPPY with what i was sent, and i will definitely recommend Jubly-Umph to everyone i know! :)


if youd like to have a look at their goodies, check out the website, here: their facebook page, here: and tweet 'em, here: 

"ich liebe das Jubly-Umph"

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