Tuesday, 3 June 2014

love lvndr...


heres a blog post about some CUTE rings i got from lvndr, who i discovered on Facebook.

i had a look at their shop, which has lots of cute goodies at amazing prices, and knew i had to snap up some of their rings...

they came in a sweet little lvndr coloured bag, with a little lvndr MiniCard, cute!
 here are the  rings i got, firstly, i got this adjustable 'Stardrop' ring, made with a real piece of Quartz, in Pink, priced at just £4.29, which you can buy here: and a cute little gold anchor ring, priced at just £3.59! which you can buy here: 
 here are the rings on one of my little trinket boxes, which is where they will live from now on, i like to keep the rings i buy together or that are similar [see the blurry 'collection' of chunky stone rings in the background] together!
if you like these rings, and... who wouldnt!? then why not have a look at the other goodies on the Lvndr website: and 'Like' them on facebook, yeah: and tweet them, here:

♥ "ich liebe das rings" ♥

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