Saturday, 3 January 2015

"all i GOT for Christmas..." Christmas 2014 HAUL!

hello all,

i do hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and im sorry this post is a few days later than it should have been.

like last year, im going to show you some of the gifts i got for Christmas, and once again, im not showing off, or bragging or anything, its just nice to share what i got, and i know some people like to have a nosey at what other people got for Chrimbles! so here goes:
firstly, i got this AMAZING glass box off my parents, the patterns on it are so so beautiful and i just LOVE IT!
ive put the two necklaces and stretchy ring i got this year in my pretty new box, eeee, lovely!
i had seen this AMAZING 'coin bank' in a local Hallmark shop a few months ago while i was in there with my bestie, and i told my mam about it, saying it was cute, but that i already had a money box! and then she got my dad to go get it for me, how lovely! i LOVE IT!
here is the coin bank disguised within my hello kitty plushie collection, EPIC!
i knew i was getting this awesome Boo [the cutest dog in the world] purse, as i had spotted it in the sale section online in Littlewoods, and YEY, how CUTE!?
 ive wanted to try Frizz Ease for AGES, and when i saw this little 'kit', i thought id give it a go, i havent tried it yet, but hopefully itll make my curls nicer/less FRIZZY!?
 i LOVE impulse body sprays and always have one in my bag/room, so this cute little set will be really handy, the tin is so pretty too!
i got this ADORABLE hello kitty nail varnish set from my mate, among other things, and i just LOVE IT. im gona use 'em VERY SOON! <3
 i got this CUTE hello kitty lip gloss and compact mirror set off my bestie, LOOK AT IT! :)
i also got this sweet-smelling Vera Wang 'Pink Princess' perfume off my bestie, its in an insanely GLITTERY heart shaped bottle and its unreal.
i got this pink TARTAN hat and matching mini bag from my brother and sister in law, cos they know i love tartan, AND pink! AYEEE.
 my lovely little brother and sister-in-law also got me a pile of Reeses goodies, probs when they were in America last year, most of which i ate before taking this pic, LOLS.
they also got me this MASSIVE Soap and Glory set, which has some great goodies in, like Clean on Me and Hand Food, both of which ive had before and i LOVE.
ok, so thats just some of the amazing gifts i got this year, i hope youve liked having a nosey, and if youve got a post about your haul, comment me a link to it and ill have a nosey!

thanx for reading...

"ich liebe das tannen"

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