Thursday, 12 March 2015

its my 30th Birthday and i'll blog if i want to...

hello, its been aaages since i blogged. soz.

so, i was sort of dreading turning 30, which i did on saturday. its a 'big' age and it makes you reflect on the things you have and havent done and where youre at in your life compared to other people and blah blah. i knew i wanted to make my 30th birthday a great one, and not think too much about those things, so i set about planning a trip to Edinburgh, cos i LOVE Scotland, and i had been to Edinburgh a good few times before, so i knew there were lots of shops to look at and places to see etc [you can see my photos from the zoo in another post]

i got some gifts from friends a few days before my birthday, as they knew id be away so wanted to give me gifts earlier.

i got some pretty flowers delivered, from my beautiful bestie. we are also going for a quirky 'mad hatters' afternoon tea on saturday, which i CANNOT WAIT FOR <3
another friend of mine got me some wine, now, im not a big drinker, but its nice to have a bottle on hand incase i fancy some wine with a meal. ... and, as you can see from the photo, she also got me a CUTE hello kitty beanie plush, with a little skull on it, how lovely! it goes with my collection in 'KittyKorner' in my room, as shown in a later photo!
i went out for a meal with my friends on the friday night before i went to Edinburgh, we were supposed to go out for drinks too, but we didnt end up going for various reasons, which was disappointing, but hey ho!

my lovely friend Vic gave me some gifts when we were out, one of which i ate before i could take a pic, but it was a very sweet tin of Lindt chocolates, YUM. and she gave me this Daisy perfume gift set, which is refillable, YEY:
i also got some hello kitty goodies from my parents, a sweet little strawberry scented jewellery box and a strawberry scented money box, which i had spotted in the Argos sale and told my mam to get for me, lol! <3
im grateful for all the cards, gifts and money i got and im gona save most of the money for my next tattoo, my first one in colour, a pretty pink rose, i cant wait! but ill have to, as i need to save a LOT more money, DAMMIT!

"ich liebe das geburtstag"

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