Saturday, 13 June 2015

'PrinCeSs' Mixed Media Art Frame...

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heres another of my Mixed Media pieces id like to share with you, showing some photos of the stages and process of making the piece...

here goes...

i started off with a pink plastic ornate frame, which was the inspiration to make a 'pink princess' piece! i removed the glass [as it was going to be very dimensional and 3D, so i knew i wouldnt need it] and stuck some letters, a metal butterfly, some teeny fabric flowers and a plastic key with a plastic butterfly on it straight to the front of the wooden back of the frame and covered with a few layers of gesso...
then i started the process of adding numerous layers of paints and sprays:
i added some pink glittery nail varnish to some of the elements.
then, i added some gold leaf in two corners, and painted over the middle 'princess' section to make it stand out a bit more. i also added a paper 'happy' banner [as i didnt like those white 'swirl' things] and some pink gems. i then attached two sweet little white metal butterflies, one of which can be removed, as its stuck to a magnet. 
then, i added some white gesso to the middle section, as it looked too dark when i put it in the frame. . 
AAAAND, here it is, all framed up and looking pretty, do u see that AWESOME gold crown!? i added it to hide the bottom 'swirl' and i gold leaf-ed it myself, eeee! <3
i hope you all LOVE this piece as much as i do, and if you do, good news, its FOR SALE! message/comment me for prices and shipping/postage info if you are interested in this piece for yourself or your little Princess!

"ich liebe das Royalty"
♥ ♥ ♥

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