Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Name Is...

here it is, my necklace from @StacyScissors is finally here!
ok, so... i had wanted an acrylic name necklace for ages, and after i bought an AMAZING pendant from her before Stacy kindly sent me a discount code for 50% off my next purchase! EPIC! so after MUCH thinking about which colours to choose from and which font to go for i placed my order and i eagerly awaited it being made! it said it could take 4 weeks to be made, but it didnt take that long... YEAH
here it is, in all its pink glittery glory
the colours i went for are: 'bubblegum' for the background and 'snowflake' for the upper layer!
Stacy also sent me a cute glittery skull ring [which is good, cos i accidentally snapped the one she sent me with my last purchase]
here is me wearing my necklace, i couldnt wait to put it on!
the necklace only worked out at around £10 including p&p! which is AMAZING. but even at the normal price, id reccommend you get one cos theyre awesome!
theyre such good quality and the colours are so lovely!
here is the link to Stacys Etsy Shop:

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