Thursday, 30 August 2012

a little treat from Lissele Jewellery.

hello, how r u doing!?
just a quick little post about a lovely jewellery company i came accross via twitter [its where ive discovered some awesome things lately]
i saw a tweet saying that you could get a FREE pair of earrings by simply creating an account with Lissele Jewellery, creating a wishlist and sending it to them via email. so i did.
theyve got soo many amazingly cute earrings for only £1, as well as lots of other really reasonably priced jewellery. yippee.
one of the items in my wishlist was a cute pair of little white apple earrings, which i was very pleased to receive!
as you can see from the above images, these little earrings are SO CUTE! included with the earrings was this cute business card/discount code [which ive hidden, so none of u minxes can use it!] for 10% off my next order! YES!
i do believe the FREE EARRINGS offer is still on, click the link to find out more:
you can check out all the amazing items from Lissele Jewellery here:
and do also follow Lissele on twitter @LisseleJ
"liebe das jewellery"

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