Sunday, 14 July 2013


i love them, dont you. . .

i seem to have been "collecting" miniatures/trial/gift sized toiletries and beauty things for ages, cos i have quite a few of them. some of them have been gifts, some ive bought myself and some i have acquired. here are some them:

a hello kitty 'Liberty' set my mam got me from the Boots SALE after christmas in a LOVELY box:
a Soap and Glory set from a few christmases ago:
this Ed Hardy 'Purse Spray' from a lovely box set my mate got me for christmas:
some cute little minis from the Britannia hotel me and my mam stayed at in Didsbury:
a selection of free samples and AVON samples:
some free toothpaste samples. handy:
if i could afford it, and they werent so hit and miss, id probs get one of those monthly 'box' things like Glossybox etc. although i have enough stuff to make my own box/es, LOL.

do u like samples and miniatures too!? is it just me?

liebe das samples.

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