Friday, 19 July 2013

Stick With Me

hello. here is another blog post about stickers, cos i just LOVE EM!

these ones were kindly sent to me by the lovely Tim Easley, who i have also WON a tote bag from recently, which you can see/read all about in THIS blog post: []

Tim had been tweeting abut the stickers [an amazing skull one in particular!] and when he said he was giving away some packs of stickers, and asked if anyone wanted any, i said "me, me", so he very kindly sent me some. awesome.

he sent me LOTS of stickers, which you can see here:
"what the truck!? LOL"

i hope you all like the stickers, but if you dont, i dont care, cos i loves em! some of them are already stuck onto my sketchbook! 

do follow Tim on twitter @timeasley :
and check out his website here:

ich liebe das stickers!

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