Sunday, 7 July 2013

stickers, for me!?

hello. here is a quick little blog post about a kind fella who sent me some of his cute stickers!

the kind fella in question is mr jim e lee, who i will now always refer to as mr, i hope he doesnt mind!

he tweeted @awesomemerch about some stickers they had printed for him, and i said i liked them, so he offered to send me some. how nice! i love stickers, so its always nice to get more [i will do a blog post about my collection of MANY stickers soon]

here they are...
and here they are on my sketchbook, CUTE!
thanx again, Mr Jim! you should all follow him on twitter @MrJimELee and check out his website which is and thats JUST .co no or anything, neat!

ich liebe das stickers!

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