Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Gifts 2013

hellooo, i know this post is a bit overdue, but i thought id show you some of my fave gifts i got from my nearest and dearest for Chrimbles! i just want to say, im not trying to brag or show off, but if youd like to see some of the things i got, read on, if not, dont.

here goes:

i got this amazing tartan bag as a surprise from my parents and they know i LOVE anything Tartan, so of course, its PERFECT! :)
 this 'book of skulls' was on my list, and ive wanted it for ages, so i was so happy when it arrived, cos I LOVE SKULLS!
 here are some of my fave images from inside the book:
i also got this AMAZING Kat Von D 'Go Big or Go Home' book, all about the big tattoos shes done and the stories behind them. im a massive fan of Kat, and its the third book of hers i have!
this mixtape tattoo is amazing!
... and this tattoo on actor Ewan McGreggor is so 3D looking,wow!
i also love this quote from Kat herself on the back of the book:
i have wanted to try making resin jewellery for SO LONG, so i couldnt wait to get this and have a play [therell be a blog post on my resin pieces soon!]
i got this LOVELY abalone bangle from Kukee as a surprise from my parents [i had made a surprises list and they picked a few bits to get me!]
i also got this custom 'AYE' tartan acrylic necklace from Chelsea Doll, and i LOVE IT! 
 this pretty white gold covered sterling silver ring was a surprise from my parents, how pretty!
i got these awesome SkullCandy headphones, how cool are they!?
 my mate Vic got me these cool sugar skull cookie cutters and they look so good, i dont want to use them! LOL
 ... she also got me this cute set of notebooks/journals and im gona stick all the bits/stickers etc into the journal for inspiration and ideas, cute! 
 my bestie Sarah got me [among other things] a gift card for a nail file and paint, which will be nice!
i also got lots of other things, but ive just picked these out to show yah! again, im not trying to brag, but i like to see what other people got for Christmas, so i hope you liked seeing my 'haul'

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

"ich liebe das tannen"


  1. ahhhh that book of skulls loos amazing, i might have to get myself a copy too hehe love the bag and the Kat Von D book too ^^
    so much cool stuff

  2. Oooh, that bag is uh-mazing! I also have the same tartan name necklace, it's so sweet. :)

    Tara x