Monday, 20 January 2014

"Got any Resin?"

thats a quote from 'Waterworld' there, its an epic film.

anyway, heres a post about some of the bits ive made so far with mah resin, i had wanted some for ages, so i finally got some for christmas, and couldnt wait to use it! oh yes!

here are the first EVER bits i made, in their moulds/CASES
 and here are the pieces, out of their moulds/cases, along with a piece i just 'glazed/domed' the top of [hello kitty!]
it did take a few 'gos' at the resin to get used to using it and how long to leave each layer etc, but i think i did ok with the third 'batch' of stuff i made, which included this pretty 'WholeNewWorld' princess Jasmine piece:
 i also made this pretty pink 'SkullCandy' piece:
 here are the 'UndertheSea" and "YoureaStar" pieces, showing the first layers in their cases:
and here is the finished "UnderTheSea" piece, with added wooden beads as pebbles/sand and blue glitter! and it might just be my fave Disney piece so far...
 i also LOVE the red glitter and letter beads in this star piece:
heres a quirky ring i made using teeny little stars, encased within a big star, with some glitter too of course!
 this is one of the latest skull pieces ive made, called "BlueMonday". ive added some blue 'gems' to the front of it and i really like it:
you can buy most of these resin pretties in my SHOPS [links below] so go and have a peek, yeah!?

ill keep you updated on more of my resin pieces as i make them, and i hope you liked this post!
also, check out my twitter and facebook page for more updates and stuff!

"ich liebe das Resin"

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