Monday, 17 March 2014

"Avon Calling"

hello all.

heres a blog post about my 'haul' from Avon. my mam is an Avon Lady [representative, lol] so we get special offers/discounts etc and, well, its always good to get a bargain, right?

heres what i got:

a CUUUTE hello kitty 'pisces' pendant, some sweet little anchor nail decals [which im probably gona mostly use with my resin, ooh] a lipstick and a perfume purse spray. 
 here are the awesome little nail stickers, theyre gona look SO GOOD as a background on a resin piece with a big anchor in it, OOOH, i cant wait to use them!
 the lipstick is part of Avons 'Colour Trend' range and ive got a few different colours from the range already. this colour is called 'bubblegum pout' and its such a lovely pink, practically the same as my own lips, but a bit darker. it smells like vanilla, which is so much nicer than the usual waxy lipstick smell! and the 'Secret Fantasy Kiss' purse spray smells so nice and will be great to keep in my bag for a freshen up!
the hello kitty pendant comes in a black Avon cardboard box with a branded hello kitty box sleeve, like this:
the pendant will be a great addition to my hello kitty collection and im gona wear it tomorrow, YEY.

do you have any Avon goodies?

ich liebe das Avon.

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