Thursday, 15 May 2014

a mini giveaway of mini cushions...

nooo, im not giving them away, i WON THEM!

yes, its another blog post about another giveaway i won recently! lucky me! :)

i entered THIS giveaway via the lovely 'Blog &Buy Sale' blog last month: and i was lucky enough to WIN these sweet little cushions from the lovely Nicola Fernandes!

here is my package:
it says Clare Bear, LOL! :)
 look at the cute polka dots!
 no, thank YOU Nicola [and Blog&Buy Sale too!]
 a sweet hand written letter from Nicola!
 i love this cute postcard too!
here are my mini cushions, Nicola hand paints them and hand sews them, amazing!
 i think this 5p mini cushion is my fave! :)
thumbs up for giveaways! LOLS.

well, i love my cushions, thanx again, Nicola!

do check out the Blog&Buy Sale website:
and their twitter:

and Nicolas website:
and twitter:

"ich liebe das kleine cushions"

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