Friday, 21 November 2014

mixed media madness!


for AGES now, ive been OBSESSED with the Youtube videos of Gabrielle Pollacco, who makes AMAZING mixed media creations.

if youre not familiar with mixed media, its basically the process of making art[usually canvases, frames and stuff] which have been created using unconventional pieces like metal bottlecaps, fabric flowers, plastic charms etc, and covered with a medium called Gesso, which is ideal for coating metals and plastics, and it leaves a great base for colour [paints, sprays] to be applied! i LOVE IT.

here are some of the sprays i made, using some food colouring with acrylic paints mixed in. i also used a fabric spray i had...
i have an art degree, and did art at school and college, so have done a lot of mixed media pieces, but none using gesso, and not in the same way as this piece.

so, armed with some techniques and ideas id seen on Gabrielle's Youtube channel, i set about attempting to create my own mixed media piece.

so, here are some progress shots of some of the stages involved in making my frame, eek!
AAAAAND, here is the finished frame, with added buttons, gems and beads! I LOVE IT and i LOVE the colour combinations!
i really enjoyed creating my mixed media frame, and have just started a mixed media canvas, its SUCH FUN!

if youd like to give it a go, DO IT, and id also recommend having a peek at Gabrielle Pollacco's youtube channel:

"ich liebe das mixed media kunsten"

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