Tuesday, 7 October 2014

ella, ella, ey...

hello, eeee sorry its been SO LONG since i blogged! heres a little post about a print i got from the amazingly talented Ella Mobbs a while ago! i got it in a flash 50% off sale and as id been eyeing up this and a few of the other prints for ages, i knew i had to get it while it was so cheap. this worked out at about £12 INCLUDING shipping from Australia, which is AMAZING.

here is the CUTE sugar skull print i got, and i LOVE IT!
 Ella also included a cute postcard, which is now on my wall above the print, which i put in an old gold frame i had, NICE:
... heres the postcard, some stickers and a lovely business card, which has gone into my little book of business cards/stickers etc.
here are the stickers on one of my sketchbooks, HOORAY!
you can check out Ellas amazing prints on her website here:

or on her Facebook page here:

"ich liebe das Skullen" lol.

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