Tuesday, 14 August 2012

a day at the [craft] market...

hello all.

here is my post about the craft market i did at The Cluny, in Newcastle on Sunday.

i hadnt been to The Cluny before so didnt know what to expect, but had wanted to do more craft markets in the North East, so gave it a go. my mam came with me to help set up and 'man' the stall so i had a bit of company there.

i got taking to many of the other stall holders, which was nice. i was mostly talking to the lovely Gemma from 'Little Tin Goddess' who had a stall opposite me. she was nice, i even bought a 'lego heart' bracelet off her cos id wanted one for ages!

anyway, here are some pics of my stall...

... so what do you think of the look of my stall!?

ok, so im gone be honest and tell it like it is, there was very little footfall at the craft market, and i was told by one of the other stall holders that it was because there are usually a lot of students who come along, and as a lot of them had gone home for the term and stuff, obviously they werent there. i did only manage to sell ONE THING. sad face. ah well. but i did sell my LEGO hair clip to the aforementioned Gemma, who LOVES lego and sells a lot of LEGO jewellery and other quirky stuffs, she put it straight on and it suited her perfectly.

its all good experience though, and i do enjoy doing craft markets/fairs etc. and hadnt done one for ages. its kind of made me want to organise a craft fayre of my own even more, and im gona set up some meetings/chats with some venues in Sunderland/Newcastle VERY SOON.

of course im dissapointed, and did hope to sell a lot more stuff, but hey ho. theres always another craft market, another time. youve got to get yourself out there havent u!

"liebe das kraft"


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