Tuesday, 21 August 2012


put it on your wall instead! [this will make sense in a minute!]

ok, so i saw a tweet from the handsome and taltented @BruceyArt saying that there was a sale on over at @RawMeatBites who i hadnt heard of before, so i thought id have a peek.

among a few other prints i liked, i saw THIS print for only £1. a POUND! i HAD TO HAVE IT! its so colourful and unusual. i like!

it worked out at £3 including p&p, which for an A3 print, is amazingly cheap!

here it is on the wall right next to my bed, and how lovely it looks there too:

i had to cut it down a teeny bit so it fit in the frame, but all is good. the paper quality of the print is so good aswell, proper thick.

if youd like to get one of these [i think theyre still available!?] head on over to Raw Meat

do also follow them on twitter, if youre a tweeter @RawMeatBites

liebe das prints!

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