Tuesday, 28 August 2012


yes, thats right. this post is about another giveaway prize ive won, amazing!
this is a giveaway i won quite a while ago from the lovely Maggie Angus, but after some problems with mr postman, i never got my goodies, even though they were sent months ago! i tweeted them, and lovely as they are, they re-sent my Giveaway Goodies, and of course i got them this time! YEY!
here are the images of my giveaway prizes on the maggie angus website, theres this lovely 'Nautical Charm Necklace':
... and this lovely set of 3 'Heart Stack Rings'
i was so happy that the lovely staff at Maggie Angus re-sent my goodies, [i really wanted those rings]
here they are, finally mine, yes:
i wore one of the rings as soon as i opened the box, theyre SO CUTE!
the quality of the acrylic used in the jewellery is really good, and the mirror is really shiny! i cant reccomend Maggie Angus enough!
 if you would like to buy any of these products, you can still find them on the website, the necklace is on sale at the moment, so be quick!

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