Friday, 24 August 2012

My Pink Plushie...

i just thought id do a lil' post about a lovely plushie i got after seeing a tweet from the adorable @XOXOLexiBee.

Lexi loves Barbie, My Little Pony and all things Pink - my kind of girl! she also is a model and makes her own jewellery!
Lexi lives in America, and tweeted that she had got some cuuute my little pony plushies, and i tweeted back saying i thought they were cute and that i wanted one. but they dont sell them here in the uk!sad face.
she said that she would happily send me one if i paid for the item and shipping, so i agreed! i really wanted one! its PINK!
here is the little cutie...
Lexi sent me a plushie she was going to keep for herself [as more werent in stock yet] how lovely of her!
here she is in my hand, shes so dinky! [it seems to have a slight smell to it aswell, so sweet] lol
im so happy that Lexi agreed and indeed suggested sending me one, i love her!
as a thank you, im gona send her a few cute 'pony' goodies! i hope she likes them...
"liebe das meine klein pony"
do follow Lexi on twitter, and check out her jewellery store below:

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